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Then you can fire off a herald sign of going south by kissing the stomach, lick if you want to, suck if you want to as you make a beeline downtown. Kiss my thighs, kiss across my outer lips, take a deep breath in, murmur how much you want to do this, how you look forward to tasting my pussy. Commenters were unhappy with a woman’s.

Who can hold themselves back from the allure of a woman deriving pleasure from someone licking her vagina? There are millions of horny women out there just lying naked in wait, legs apart, hoping to lock them around a hungry man's neck as he goes to town on her dripping wet slit.

Mar 28, 2009 · There is a right way and a wrong way of licking a woman's vagina. Men who know their way around can easily determine which was one is right and which one is wrong every time they work their way to their partner's vagina. Another aspect of this sticky.

Original question: Is it safe to lick a woman’s vagina? Hey anonymous, there’s no difference between licking a woman’s vagina, vs licking and/or sucking a man’s penis. The only difference I can see, is your lack of willingness to pleasure women, or understanding anything about vaginas.