What Is Box Compression Tester?

A box compression tester is an essential machine used for measuring the compressive strength of various types of boxes. While commonly employed to test the strength of corrugated boxes, it is also suitable for assessing plastic and cardboard boxes. The highly Salt Spray Chamber versatile box compression tester by Pacorr is designed to perform tests with minimal human intervention. Compliant with international standards such as ASTM D4169 and ASTM D642, this instrument incorporates advanced user-friendly features, including the ability to record up to 10 test results. This particular feature proves especially useful for material selection and quality checks.


What is a Box Compression Tester?


During transit and storage, packaging boxes experience considerable pressure. Ensuring the use of high-quality boxes that can safeguard the product becomes crucial. A box compression tester offers a convenient and cost-effective method to assess the compressive strength of boxes. This testing equipment comprises a platform, a loading ram, and a force sensor. The box is placed on the platform, and the loading ram is gradually lowered onto it. The force sensor measures the amount of force required to compress the box. This process guarantees that boxes possess adequate strength to endure the forces encountered during shipping and handling.


Pacorr is a renowned supplier of testing instruments, offering an exceptional box compression tester known for its advanced features and accurate test results. The obtained test results aid in identifying weak points in box designs and comparing the strength of different box types. The instrument is designed to facilitate the production of quality packaging materials that meet end users’ requirements. With the capability to conduct tests within minutes, it assists in optimizing the usage of raw materials necessary for box manufacturing.


Benefits of Using a Box Compression Tester:


Ensures box strength: Verifies that boxes can withstand the forces encountered during shipping and handling.


Identifies weak spots: Helps identify vulnerable areas in box designs, allowing for improvements.


Compares box strength: Enables a comparative analysis of the strength between different box types.


Accurate material analysis: Testers capable of recording values offer precise material assessment.


Optimizes resource utilization: Supports the development of boxes that safely deliver packages while optimizing resource usage.


Simulates real-life forces: Recreates forces equivalent to those experienced during transportation or storage.


Final Thoughts:


Box compression testers are invaluable tools for manufacturers and shippers who aim to ensure that their packaging boxes provide sufficient protection for their products. Incorporating a box compression tester into the production unit helps manufacturers ensure compliance with global standards and guarantees safe package delivery. The Pacorr box compression tester is equipped with four load sensors, tare functionality, and a peak hold feature for highly accurate analysis. Its robust and durable structure is designed to accommodate various platform sizes and load cell capacities. Importantly, Pacorr provides excellent after-sales support, including customized tutorials and operational assistance.





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