Allergic to Condom: Latex, Spermicide, Symptoms, and More - durex condoms allergies


Q: How Can I Test To See If I'm Allergic To Condoms/Lube? durex condoms allergies

You may be allergic to the condom — or any added ingredient, like spermicide — that you or your partner used. Although it’s possible to be allergic to any type of condom, latex is the most common culprit. Between 1 and 6 percent of Americans are allergic (or sensitive to) latex, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).Author: Corinne O’Keefe Osborn.

As Bedsider explains, spermicide — including the kinds present in some condoms — can cause allergic reactions, which may feel like an irritation in the vagina.Author: Sarah Jacoby.

Mar 30, 2015 · You could be allergic to other elements in your condoms other than the latex — such as spermicide. If you’re noticing allergy symptoms (and they aren’t dangerous), try switching up your Author: Emma Kaywin.

Burning Sensation A very common symptom with a latex condom allergy is a burning sensation. This burning sensation may be experienced inside of the vagina, on the penis and on the skin of any area that has been in contact with the condom.