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The law says children 12 to 17 must answer for their crimes, but it also encourages their rehabilitation. And parents are encouraged to support their child throughout the Teens in Trouble With the Law: What You Need to Know | Éducaloi.

Teens and the Law. The way a teen reacts to and the respect they have for the law may be a direct reflection on the way the parents feel about the law. A teen with legal problems could be facing a lifetime of legal problems unless they learn the consequences of breaking the law.

Aug 15, 2017 · Just like a toddler who challenges the rules, teens feel safest when they know they can trust their parents to be solid, no matter what grief they give them. In times of extreme trouble, it.

When dealing with troubled teens, parents have significant rights to make decisions to protect their child and the safety of their family. When a troubled adolescent’s behaviors stem from mental health problems, parents also have rights to participate in their child’s treatment and seek multiple opinions about how.