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Warrior nudist fights an ogre bandit chief. Carol makes her decision. She will live naked forever. Carol has fun with her girlfriends outdoors by the lake. Topsy-turvy fun, followed by a more serious conversation. and other exciting erotic at!

Aug 11, 2014 · Tags: nudist, beach, teen, sixteen One summer, Ellie gets a wild impulse to sneak over to a nude beach. Ellie was your quintessential teenage girl, sixteen, with hazel eyes, slightly-wavy golden-brown hair and light dusting of faint freckles across her nose.5/5(38).

Story tag results for nudist. Found 49 result(s) - This is based on a true story. I’d heard about this lakeside beach, which had a nude sunbathing terrace. The weather was shaping up nicely and I had the day off so I decided to check it out. - A nudist is in his yard playing with his dick, His shaft is long, erect, and very thick.

Nudist Stories. Stories about the nudist lifestyle. Not as hedonistic as you would think, but fun none-the-less. Not alla re set in a nudist camp, some invlove the lifestyle as it is practiced in ones home.