effects of using a non-swinging choke in a choke input design - swinging chokes


Swinging choke technology reduces harmonics at partial load swinging chokes

Providing chokes in both the positive and negative sides of the bus is a key element of the protective functions described at the end of this article. Swinging Choke What is a Swinging Choke? The swinging choke is an inductor that has an inductance value that is inversely proportional to its operating current. Over a substantial portion of.

Choke input filters were common on large old 50Hz power supplies.The size of the choke combined with a lack of understanding about distortion factor and cheaper caps favoured the cap input filter which is popular today.Swinging chokes were manufactured for these old power supplies.The swinging choke used at least 1 step in the laminations to give at least 2 different air gaps.

The Swinging Choke. Author: N.H. Crowhurst. Another kind of filter circuit employs the so-called "swinging" choke. All smoothing chokes employ iron cores with air gaps that prevent saturation. By properly choosing the size of the air gap, a special action is produced.

By Editorial services "That’s what they’re designed for. But the amazing thing about the new ACH550 for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications is that it employs our groundbreaking Swinging Choke technology to reduce harmonics at partial load, making an essentially efficiency-driven solution that much more efficient - at zero added cost to the user.