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Dick would return some matter-of-course reply, and Mr Brass standing on the bottom rail of his stool, so as to get a view of the street over the top of the window-blind, would take an observation of the visitors.

The MS1861 lies horizontally in the bottom rail of ultra-narrow stile doors which have insufficient vertical space for a lock, or tempered glass doors which have no stile at all. The hardened steel cylindrical bolts allow simple drilled strike holes of a relatively small size to minimize the nuisance and danger presented by some threshold.

Bottom Rail Buttons Bottom rail buttons plug the holes in the bottom rail that may or may not have a string/cord running through. Certain buttons have holes for the string/cord to move through and act as a guide to prevent fraying.

The London Underground continued to use bullhead rail after it had been phased out elsewhere in Britain, but in the last few years has there been a concerted effort to convert its track to flat-bottom rail. However, the process of replacing track in tunnels is a slow process due .