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I want to place 2 images side by side in LaTeX. I have 2.png files and I don't understand how to do it in LaTeX. I have tried many ways but could not get a good result.

Sep 13, 2013 · There are different way of placing figures side by side in Latex, subcaption, subfig, subfigure, or even minipage. This post will tell you which one is the best. subcaption A useful extension is the subcaption package (the subfigure and subfig packages are deprecated and shouldn't be used any more), which uses subfloats within a single float.

Oct 25, 2016 · You can try this piece of code: [code]\begin{figure}[!h] \centering \begin{minipage}[t]{4cm} \centering \includegraphics[scale=0.5]{fonte.png} \caption{Pièce (1.

Aug 01, 2007 · Hi Tom, first of all you have a great and very helpful blog. All of this information helped me place 2 figures side by side and a table and a firgure side by side (using the minipage command). I have 2 questions: One- Is it possible to place two figures side by side and immediately below them another two figures, all of these as one “unit”?