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Although sexuality was a moral minefield, sexual pleasure (within marriage, at least) was very important to the Victorians. Perhaps nothing punctures the myth of Victorian prudery more than the pornography they left behind. No fetish left unturned, the images still have a power to shock us today.

Are you ready to wander past the outer limits of human sexual depravity? Then let Redtube be your guide through endless spirals of free fetish videos. Looking for lucky ladies being strapped into bizarre thrones of contortion, or being neglected in iron cages? Hurry on over and set your browser to Redtube's free fetish .

Mar 05, 2012 · The Naughty Side of 18th Century French Fashions I continue my series of antique French Fashion plates from the time of Maire Antoinette with a few examples of some of the more extreme fashions of the day. are real French Fashion plates from the 1700's and they were later collected and reprinted several times over in the 1800's and even.

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