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Nov 14, 2016 · Vaginal pimples can be a source of great discomfort and might be a sign of a more serious problem. We’ll explain some of the things that can cause vaginal pimples, tips Author: Ann Pietrangelo.

May 23, 2018 · What is vulvar acne, pimples on the area near your vagina? The acne that can appear around your vulva and bikini line isn't exactly acne, at least not in the way you're familiar with it on your Author: Macaela Mackenzie.

Jun 22, 2017 · Like on your vagina. Don't freak out, though: Vaginal acne is totally normal. "Vaginal acne isn't as common as acne on the face, back, chest, Author: Krissy Brady.

Home Care for Genital Area Pimples in Women. Pimples in the vaginal area are common among teens, early adulthood and even in the later years of female life. Reasons are many and differ from case to case. To manage these pimples effectively, it would be a good idea to understand the causes behind them. Causes of Vaginal Acne.