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What is top down development? Micro hydro projects are an example of a bottom-up development scheme because instead of using expensive technology which will require large loans from other countries or TNCs, they use appropriate, affordable technology and involve local people in.

Sustainable development through Bottom Up Approach Current Scenario: Critical Evaluation of current policies programmes for planning, urban design, rules, regulations and bye-laws for development of human settlements in the first decade of 21st Century.

Using named examples, assess the advantages and disadvantages of top-down and bottom-up development strategies.(15) Bottom up and top down schemes have both positive and negative impacts on social, economic and environment aspects of development. Top down schemes are mainly large scale projects that plan to affect a large population, whereas bottom up schemes are often about meeting 4.5/5(2).

Define bottom-up. bottom-up synonyms, bottom-up pronunciation, bottom-up translation, English dictionary definition of bottom-up. adj. Progressing from small or subordinate units to larger or more important units, as in an organization or process. adj from the lowest level of a.