Mathew's humiliation in front of the whole family! - humiliation punishment sisters - spanked in front of his family


Strict Julie Spanks!: Julie Spanked in Front of Family... For Real!!! spanked in front of his family

Julie Spanked in Front of Family For Real!!! My husband actually spanked me in front of my entire family! He lifts me back on my feet and sort of plunks me in front of him. He's looking at me with a smirk on his face. I was aware of everyone else's presence, but can't tell you what their expressions were. Author: Juliesp.

Aug 21, 2009 · With Joanne and Karen his two older sisters and his Auntie Dawn (from his father's side) Janet announced that for this most serious offence that Mathew must be punished not just in front of the whole family, but on his bare bottom as well! Auntie Dawn nodded gravely. "About time too!" she thought.4.3/5(20).

Description: This video was inspired by actual events. When I was about 13 in Texas, I was at my buddies house and his sister was about to leave to go out .

Panties-Down Spanking at Family Barbeque But maybe if my stepdad had spanked me in front of his relatives that day and I felt the shame Matt felt, standing there bottomless, it would have made me understood better how Matt felt, instead of me thinking I had ''gotten away with it'' and at the time not really feeling sorry for Matt that he.