- my boy gets erection while breast feeding


my boy gets erection while breast feeding

Jun 13, 2007 · When i breastfeed my baby boy why does he get a erection? erections because they do thats why alot of the time people end up with pee in there face. but as far as that with the breast feeding thats just all in your mind i think, I really dont think one has to do with the other. Because that is just something little boys do they cant help it Status: Resolved.

My 3 year old is still breast feeding. He seems to be getting erect as the feeding persists, is this normal? Regarding the erection topic I don't have any advice sorry! Although I'm sure it's 100% normal as your sons probably just relaxed while feeding and this can happen to little boys when they are relaxed. There wont be anything sexual.

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toddler and erection - my son is 18months approaching my son is 18months approaching 19months and sometimes he is reaching into his pampers Okay this was the weirdest thing I have experienced. So I has changing my almost 2 month old son and he seemed to have an erection!!!! Is Help!! - My little boy's penis was pushed in when I.