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Sep 17, 2012 · my butt crack is filled with brown stains i can only guess is poop but i wipe well maybe from when i was younger idk..but i want to know how to remove itStatus: Open.

From grass stains to red wine and beyond, learn how to remove these difficult stains for good. Stains on your clothing, furniture and your carpet are the definition of frustrating. But before you throw away that blouse you accidentally spilled red wine on, or retire your child's good jeans because of grass stains, try some of these helpful tips.

May 17, 2011 · HOW CAN I GET RID OF THE STAIN IN MY CRACK FROM THE YEARS. Customer Question. but there is nothing that you can use to lighten this area without professional help. Anal bleaching is possible using prescription creams, If you would be interested in trying this, please ask your Doctor about this. How can i remove the stains from my crack.