Why Some Women Can't or Shouldn't Breastfeed - don t want to breast feed


Don't Want To Breastfeed? The Case For Formula Feeding As An Informed Choice don t want to breast feed

Breastfeeding is a personal choice and there are many reasons people don’t breastfeed. It is up to each individual Mom to do what is right for them and their baby in their given situation. It’s really a shame that you just jumped on the snob-mom bandwagon and think it’s acceptable for you to judge other Moms.

If you totally don't want to breastfeed, you can pump it in the hospital (they'll let you use a hospital pump) and give it in a bottle. That's just my opinion though and you are on a breastfeeding board.

Many reasons for not wanting to breastfeed are based on common myths and misconceptions. If you find out all you can about nursing and still don't want to do it, at least you've made an informed choice and I respect you for it. Good mothering means respecting the needs of your child.

Only a small percentage of women who want to breastfeed can’t due to lactation failure or a true low breast milk supply. A true low milk supply is usually the result of an underlying condition. With treatment, some issues can be corrected, so a mother can go on to build a milk supply.