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Because you`re raising funds for Breast Cancer, you`ll get huge support from women of all ages – consider setting up booths or selling your items at grocery outlets, ladies' fitness centers, and other female-centric establishments.

Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. Walkathons. By auctioning off rare and unique items, donors have an incentive to contribute, Whether you’re raising funds for your medical expenses or to help a loved one battling breast cancer, telling your story lets donors know why you’re fundraising and why their.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. In light of this many organizations hold annual breast cancer awareness month fundraisers. Many of these organizations hold special fund raising activities to garner funding for research against breast cancer. One interesting group from Canada is the Internet Based Moms group. This is a group.

You can help women at every step of the breast cancer journey. Your fundraiser will provide women with education about their breast health, free resources and screenings, and a supportive hand to hold as they walk through the complex cancer care system.