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Why Do Women Have Orgasms? We might better ask why more women don't have orgasms and why when I gave a talk on human sexuality to a women's studies class a few years ago, over half the young.

Why We Need Orgasms First, considering the science saying that orgasm is good. I assume this would compare people with orgasms with people that do not have orgasms. Most in the latter group.

Why do we orgasm?Whilst intuitively it might seem obvious, scientifically it's not so black and white. What does appear to be true is that orgasms have a very ancient origin, and have only Author: Christopher Mcfadden.

Jul 31, 2018 · ‘Before this paper, we knew what lit up in the brain when people had orgasms, and we knew a lot about the hormonal and neurochemical factors in non-human animals, but we Author: Frederica Palmer.