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Neodymium Therapy Magnet Kit (Large), Magnetic Therapy Lymehub therion magnets penetration

With the platinum line of Therion magnetics, they are using 13,800 Gauss neodymium magnets. That’s opposed to magnets you’d find in a craft store or something like that with a very weak field. These actually penetrate, have an effective penetration of eight inches. Now, you will see other products out there that talk about penetration.Author: Steven Kirchhof.

Therion discovered other magnetic products were unable to generate sufficient magnetic field strength and penetration depth to reach much below the skin's surface, let alone deep tissue and bone. Others were using products that had their magnets installed backwards - which has been proven to increase pain and inflammation.

Therion magnets have successfully relieved pain not only on my lower back, but also on my foot when an old injury kicks-up. I just tape the magnets over the injury, and the pain instantly stops. A million thanks, Therion! Lisa. Therion neodymium magnets are 13,800 gauss high-energy, medical magnets.

Deep Penetration Magnetic Therapy Spot Bio Magnet Set with 2 - 5000 gauss The Deep Penetrating Magnetic Therapy Spot Magnet Set includes two high power spot magnets to target any painful area of the body especially where deep penetration is essential to achieve maximum results.