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Raghav Mathur (born April 2, 1981), known professionally as Raghav, is a Canadian singer/songwriter.He has released three studio albums: the debut Storyteller in 2004, Identity in 2009 and The Phoenix in 2012. His most known commercial success was with "Angel Eyes" which peaked at number 7 in the UK in 2005.His singles "So Confused", "Can't Get Enough" and "It Can't Be Right" .

Raghav Sachar (born 24 July 1981, in India) is an Indian singer, composer and film scorer.

Raghav sold over 1.4 million copies of his debut album, Storyteller, which led to a MOBO Award, 2 UK Asian Music Awards, 1 Urban Music Award and 4 UK national top 10 singles. The album changed the landscape for artists of South Asian origin worldwide. It was a fresh sound of Bollywood, R&B and Reggae that produced some of the biggest hits.

Raised in Calgary, Alberta on a musical diet of Hindi and Indian classical music, combined with a love of American pop artists like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jack- son, and Marvin Gaye, you would expect Raghav to have a unique musical perspective u2013 and he does. He describes his new sound as a singer/songwriter record with heavy Indian and Island influences, a new phase of a very unique.