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Could be a fat substitute, like Olean. One of the side effects is (I'm not making this up) anal leakage. That can't be good. I talked to a medical buddy of mine, and the explanation is that the stuff is so slippery, it slides right through.

Mar 05, 2012 · p.c.. up the products of corn and consume them, that way they'll fall out lower back and you will additionally make ethanol. Then, for the seepage, take 5 sheets of Bounty paper roll them up and shove them up your ***. be confident to spray your pants with awl.Status: Open.

The shitty feeling you get straight after eating a McDonalds meal, usually coupled with a 'still hungry' feeling. Usually due to all the additives and addictive ingredients in the food. Symptoms include bloatedness, tiredness, feeling sick, feeling ridiculously full but still wanting to pump your face full of food; We call this phantom hunger.

Sep 07, 2011 · McDonalds review with 3 Comments: I ate Mcdonalds then I had to ***. FML!!! The *** was not solid whatsoever. It was runny and smelly. After wards I had anal leakage and my *** was extremely itchy for a couple weeks.Reviews: 3.