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Using Additional Lubricant With Lubricated Condoms condoms and lubricant

Condoms and lubricants help to prevent HIV infection. Download our fact sheet to find out how to use them consistently and correctly.

Jul 21, 2019 · Lubricated condoms are ideal for vaginal sex. However, couples may require an additional condom-safe lubricant. There is nothing shameful about needing additional lubricant for sex. Not everyone produces an equal amount of lubrication. Furthermore, when using condoms you need to use more lubricant, not less.

Latex condoms are the most popular type of condoms, and because they’re made from a natural rubber material you need to be especially careful about which type of lubricant you use with them. You want to avoid all oil-based lubricants when using latex condoms.

Using condoms correctly will prevent them breaking, leaking or slipping off during sex. Use only water-based or silicone lubricants, not oil-based. If you lose your erection the condom may slip. Holding the base of the condom will help it stay in place.