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Gregorc Style Delineator™ Fourth Edition. This is Dr. Gregorc's updated, powerful and widely used research-based, self-assessment instrument for adults. It is designed for identifying and quantifying the CS/AS/AR/CR mind qualities and their respective style characteristics.

Gregorc Style Delineator. Anthony Gregorc is the creator of the Mind Styles Model. The Mind Styles Model provides a depiction of how your mind works. The model helps you gain a better understanding of how you think and learn. Gregorc focused his research .

An Adult's Guide to Style is the manual for using and interpreting the Gregorc Style Delineator. Ordering Information. #A00 An Adult's Guide to Style 8" by 10", Paperback, 80 pages, $17.95 #A03 An Adult's Guide to Style with ten (10) copies of the Gregorc Style Delineator. $55.00.

Once you know your own style you can then analyze the others. This will help you understand other people better. It will make you more flexible. And perhaps we can all pick up tips from each other on how to be more effective. To check your personal thinking style: 1.