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She can refer you to a professional who evaluates adults. Keep in mind that having learning and attention issues doesn’t mean a person isn’t intelligent. The key is to recognize the signs and seek out supports that can help. Trouble With Reading and Writing. Struggling with reading and writing can be a sign of learning issues like dyslexia.

Unfortunately, the second Reading Disorder that many adults with AD/HD tend to experience has not been researched as much. Currently, it is not known what percentage of AD/HD adults suffer from it or the ratio of women to men. However, many clinicians describe AD/HD adults who state they can read fluidly both silently and orally,Author: Kevin T. Blake.

Adults frequently want and need privacy, even from family. Adults want to be able to apply the strategies as soon as possible. Adults want to experience the joy of reading and learning that they see in other people. Here's how you get significant reading comprehension improvement for adults in .

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