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Method Instructions; Mail: You can print out an insurance application form (PDF), attach income documentation, complete and sign the form and mail or fax it with income documents to Highmark.. Mail the completed application and copies of income documentation to: Highmark CHIP .

Helpline. Having trouble accessing publicly funded health care coverage or services? Call 1-800-274-3258 or email us at [email protected]

Adult Basic and Family Literacy Education. The Division of Adult Education administers federal and state adult basic and family literacy funds. Adult basic and family literacy education programs funded by the Division of Adult Education provide a full range of services that support Pennsylvanians in developing basic skills that are necessary to participate fully in the education of their.

Adult and Family Literacy Education Act Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, Title II (Federal Adult Education and Family Literacy Act) July 2019 COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 333 Market Street Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333 www.education.pa.gov.