Title 22, §3477: Persons mandated to report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation - maine adult protective services act


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Maine Legislature Maine Revised Statutes. Session Law; Statutes; Maine State Constitution Revisor's Office; Maine Legislature; Title 22, Chapter 958-A: ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES ACT. Subchapter 1: GENERAL PROVISIONS. 22 §3470. Title. 22 §3471. Declaration of policy and legislative intent Providing for protective services to.

Adult Protective Services & Guardianship. How to Report; Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation. These are not pleasant words, yet they are a reality for thousands of adults in Maine each year. Adult Protective Services (APS), is responsible for providing or arranging for services to protect incapacitated and/or dependent adults in danger.

How to Report. The OADS Adult Protective Services provides or arranges for services to protect incapacitated and dependent adults (age 18 and over) in danger of abuse, neglect or exploitation. To report abuse, neglect or exploitation, call: Nationwide 24-hour, toll-free 1-800-624-8404 ; TTY In State, Maine Relay 711.

Elder Abuse Reporting What is Maine's Law on Elder Abuse Reporting. The Maine Legislature, in enacting the Adult Protective Services Act, officially recognized that some adults, because of incapacitation, dependency, and/or inability to manage finances may be unable to protect themselves from abuse, neglect, or exploitation.