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Jul 18, 2018 · A []. ahegao — the absurd facial expression made when a woman orgasms; ashikoki (足扱き, 足コキ) — using the feet to manipulate a sex partner's penis.The feet are often clad in pantyhose, cotton socks or even high heels. The pleasure is said to be as much psychological as physical.; B []. bukkake (打っ掛け, ブッカケ) — usually in group sex, ejaculating onto the body or face.

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Jul 26, 2016 · My Japanese is poor in comparison to my fiancée and his English, however when I do muster up the courage in the bedroom, he likes to playfully drag me me down a peg by making me giggle and make me pout. His favourite is when I’m not “entirely” in the mood yet, by me telling him やめて!(yamete-stop!) he will reply はい!Author: Sara Who.

Less official terms also in use include ero anime (エロアニメ), ero manga (エロ漫画), and the English initialism AV (for "adult video"). Usage of the term hentai does not define a genre in Japan. Hentai is defined differently in English.