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ADULT ADOPTION. How to Adopt an Adult. California are found in the California Family Code (Fam.) §§ 9300-9340. The required documents for an adult adoption ar e: • The Adoption Agreement. This document states that the parties agree to assume toward.

Adult adoption is a legal procedure in which an older adult adopts a younger adult. Once an adult adoption is complete, the parties assume toward each other a legal parent-child The procedures for adopting an adult in California are found in the. California Family Code Your Adoption Agreement and Spousal Consents should be attached to.

You must also agree to file a petition in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara. Your Petition must ask the Court to approve your Agreement and to make an adoption Order. You do not have to notarize the Agreement. Order of Adoption To finalize the adoption, you must ask for a Court hearing.

The date your adoption agreement was signed (Attach a copy of the adoption agreement.) Whether the adoption is in the public interest; 2. Adoption Agreement. This is the agreement between the person to be adopted and the adoptive parent. Both must sign and date the Agreement.