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Jul 21, 2018 · 19 Best Young Adult Science Fiction Books. July 21, 2018 List, Young Adult Dan. Most young adult science fiction books are set in weird dystopias and involve awkward, doomed romances. Based on what I remember from high school, this is completely appropriate. 19. Panda Ray.

Young Adult Science Fiction genre: new releases and popular books, including Mind Games by Shana Silver, Containment by Caryn Lix, Wilder Girls by Rory P.

A top ten of the best Young Adult science fiction.. Books full of fantasy, science and adventure for younger readers and children. Click on best science fiction books for more SF for adults or the best science fiction book series if you're looking for that.. Are you a true fantasy fan and are you looking for new books to read?

Arguably one of the greatest young adult fiction writers today, he is known for his intensely original ideas: this science fiction book is the first in a trilogy set far into the future about a human colony on a distant planet, where the ‘Noise’ virus has enabled every thought to be heard by all.