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Jul 17, 2012 · Now I realize and can see the difference in the length of my tongue and it is obvious that the lingual frenulum is attached too close to the tip of my tongue. I remember Surgery On Lingual Frenulum In Adults | General Q and A Forum.

Apr 04, 2011 · A lingual frenectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove this band of lingual tissue and release the tongue so that it may move more freely. Important considerations are based not so much on age as on the location, degree of restriction of ROM, and related functional limitations.Author: Patricia Taylor, CCC-SLP.

5 Reasons To Get A Tongue Tie Frenectomy As An Adult Of Any Age. A tight frenulum causes adults to develop different talking and chewing patterns to compensate that can lead to this kind of pain over the years. If you're already receiving TMJ treatment and it isn't helping, ask your doctor to check your frenulum and you may be just one quick surgery away from permanent pain relief.

Sep 11, 2017 · Potential Benefits of Frenectomy in Adults. What benefits can an adult see from frenectomy? Although adults are no longer growing, the frenulum can still cause tension that can create all kinds of symptoms. Below is a list of all the things I am aware of that can improve after frenectomy: Stand Up Straight / Better Posture / Reduced HunchbackAuthor: Susan Luschas.