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This is why we created Speech Buddies Connect, the first online Marketplace for parents to find and book appointments with local speech professionals. Now, no matter what type of speech challenge you are trying to fix, you can find a licensed speech professional. We choose only the best therapists .

Adult Speech and Language [ en Español] There are many reasons why you might have a speech or language problem. Some problems start in childhood. Others happen after an illness or injury. Speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, can help. To find an SLP near you, visit ProFind. Find out more about adult speech and language Speech Disorders.

Free downloads, resources, information, & guides about apps for speech therapy for adults for speech-language pathologists, stroke survivors, & caregivers.

The company's licensed therapists and pathologists perform thorough evaluations to determine the best treatment plan for each child or adult and help improve communication skills for people living with issues like cleft palate, hearing loss, Downs Syndrome, and developmental delays.