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Teaching Phonics to Adult English Learners | LINCS Community adult phonics instruction

Phonics for adults is every bit as important as it is for children. That’s because phonics is the basis of reading and writing. I teach adult literacy and have found, in almost all cases, that students have not been taught phonics adequately.

Adult Literacy Phonics that Learners and Tutors Love. We've heard it many times over the years: adult literacy learners and tutors love Ultimate Phonics. It's simply the perfect program for teaching phonics skills to adults who need to improve their reading.

Story by Story Phonics Lessosn is a set of resources that can be helpful to those preparing tutors to work with adult students who are beginning readers. There are easy to administer assessments that can help a tutor pinpoint appropriate phonics or basic work-level instruction.

Phonics Instruction Phonics instruction teaches children the relationships between the letters (graphemes) of written language and the individual sounds (phonemes) of spoken language. It teaches children to use these relationships to use and write words. The goal of phonics instruction is to help children learn and use the alphabetic principle -.