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What is Adult Day Care? – An adult day care service is a professionally managed environment for older adults. Typically this type of facility caters to adults who have dementia or disabilities. In addition to providing a safe and secure setting for the adults during the daytime hours, an adult day care also offers specialized activities.

Helpful links for Adult Day Services Providers: Stay informed of the most current statistics and trends in Adult Day Services using data from the National Study of Long-Term Care Providers; Discovering What the ADS Financial Indicator Results Can Reveal About our Field.

Adult Day Care / Adult Day Health Services provides an organized program of services in a community group setting to promote social, physical and emotional wellbeing.

A DAHS facility is formerly known as an adult day care center. Becoming Licensed in Texas DAHS facilities must be licensed to operate in Texas. To become licensed, a provider must submit an online application through the TULIP website.