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Bushman, a frequent contributor to national journals in English education, has written three books in addition to "Using Young Adult Literature in the English Classroom" (with Kay parks Haas): "The Teaching of Writing, Teaching the English Language," and Cited by: 32.

For courses in Young Adult and Adolescent Literature. This practical methods text provides future middle and high school English teachers with the direction they'll need to choose adolescent literature and to develop ideas for teaching it. Using a highly effective conversational tone, the text.

Young Adult Literature in the Classroom--Or Is It? Young Adult Literature in the Classroom-Or Is It? John H. Bushman English Journal. March, 1997. 45-40. Much has been written in the past few years about the importance of meeting the reading needs, interests, and abilities of .

when it comes to young adult literature, fun will most likely be a part of the curriculum. Y A literature breaks down the English classroom barriers of "boring books," for it is fun for both the teacher and the teenager. And, perhaps one of the best reasons for using Y A literature in the classroom-it can get students reading in the firstAuthor: Leah Hanson.