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In infant boys, correction of hypospadias is usually a routine part of surgery to repair chordee. In adult men, correction of severe hypospadias can be difficult, and may require multiple surgeries.Author: Matthew Hoffman, MD.

Chordee (curvature) is a common penile birth defect. Usually it is noted right after birth because of a typical appearance of incomplete foreskin and downward curvature. Some boys have a form of hypospadias affecting the urine channel as well. PARC specializes in repair of chordee .

Oct 03, 2017 · Chordee happens when the penis curves sharply up or down. It usually happens at the very end of the penis at the glans, or tip. If you’re an adult having this procedure, avoid physical Author: Tim Jewell.

Hypospadias Initial Treatment – Adult; We initially determine if there is any disabling downward curvature (chordee) that requires correction, and perform a complete urethral evaluation to assess the presence or absence of stricture. Often the urethra can be repaired in one stage using redundant dorsal penile skin as a flap to create a new.