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The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI Edited by Howard Steele and Miriam Steele Handbook of Attachment-Based Interventions Edited by How ard Steele and Miriam Steele Author: H. Steele, Miriam Steele.

Jan 03, 2013 · "Steele and Steele have brought together a really valuable set of data and ideas concerning the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), one of the more intriguing and powerful clinical and research tools available in psychology.4.7/5(3).

Mar 03, 2008 · The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) is both a mainstay of attachment research and a powerful clinical tool. This unique book provides a thorough introduction to the AAI and its use as an adjunct to a range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, parent-infant psychotherapy, home visiting programs, and supportive work in the .

The text Clinical Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview (Steele & Steele, 2008) offers an excellent overview of many ways the AAI can be used in clinical practice, and Attachment In Psychotherapy (Wallin, 2007) outlines various ways for a therapist to alter his/her clinical approach based on the client’s “state of mind with regard.